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I just visited Revision3.com for the first time in months.

It’s sad to say, but Rev3 has become the G4 of the internet. Their new shows are garbage (does anyone really watch Epic Meal Time and enjoy it?) and the old ones that were worth watching have gone through so much change that they are not even the same shows anymore. Tekzilla and Diggnation are the only two shows I would even consider watching anymore and even then I would have to really consider it.

I don’t say this easily either. I consider Patrick Norton to be one of the people responsible for me being sober and successful to day. If it wasn’t for his uncanny ability to inform people about technology in a interesting way, I would have never persuade anything tech related. Hell I would probably be dead or in prison right now. The sad part is you can even tell he doesn’t believe in what he is doing anymore. It really makes me stomach churn when I think about it.

Rev3 had a HUGE chance to do what TechTV didn’t get a chance to do by bringing Tech into mainstream TV and they are blowing it. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit to start seeing C.O.P.S and Cheaters reruns in the next few months. Fingers crossed for TWiT and their new studio. At least they are sticking true to what they started out to do.

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