I'm a Geek, I'm a Gamer, and I’m a horror movie fanatic. I like food. I like old cars and old bikes, mostly shovelheads and lead sleds. I like rusty things and I like to tear electronics apart. I like to read and look at modern industrial design. In my free time I like to ride, play video games or surf the internet. I like all kinds of music from Renée Fleming to Slayer. I am married to http://zombiekilla.tumblr.com, I have a very large beard, and a dog named Frankenstein. This is my blog.


My first official ride. So fun! About 50 or so miles across a 3 hour span. We stopped and hung out a couple of times.

First pic is of the first time on the bike (far right sitting on the bike). Second pic is of us pulling out of the gas station after fueling up, I’m the one furthest back, Karmen is behind me. Third pic is of everyones bikes lined up at the first stop. From left to right it’s my brother in-law Zak’s bike, my father in-law Jerry’s bike, “my” bike, and Karmen’s bike. Fourth pic is of Karmen’s bike. Fifth pic is of all our bikes again. 6th pic is of Zak and his Chicago bears bike. 

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